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Is a face and fingerprint time attendance, with 1000 fingerprints capacity printing, 1000 faces and 100,000 records. It can support multiple verification methods, including face, fingerprint, password, RFID and combination between them.

Is a multi-biometric time attendance and access control device that supports hybrid facial, fingerprint, password and RFID verification. It can be customized to support a large capacity of users. Adopt the latest BioID fingerprint sensor new of autoid, which can realize Wider angle data collection performance and speed of quick identification

Is a biometric identification time attendance device with simple access control device. Adopt the latest platform, face algorithm and Fingerprint with large capacity memory. For now, it can support a capacity of 3,000 faces, a capacity of 4,000 fingerprints and a capacity of 120,000 records, suitable for large companies

is a stylish fingerprint attendance device with high configuration. Supports a capacity of 3,200 fingerprints and a registration capacity of 120,000, Suitable for companies, factories, hospitals, etc.

High performance, easy maintenance,
Ergonomic Design, Entry Level Printer